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Advanced Medical Management Solutions LLC, a medical management company accredited by The Joint Commission for Ambulatory Health Care, offers healthcare management solutions for radiology practices, imaging centers, and hospitals nationwide. Our revenue cycle management department processes over 1.5 million claims annually, and AMMS has helped recruit & credential physicians for over 35 facilities.

Our focus at AMMS is to provide tailor-made medical management solutions for our clients through a dedicated team of specialists. We understand the demands healthcare providers face, and we bring the experts, support, and technology to help you overcome these challenges. Our team will work as your companies very own to meet your facility’s growing needs.

AMMS is a Medical Diagnostic Imaging Group (MDIG) owned entity that has provided radiology services for over 32 years throughout Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Florida. This experience in radiology & healthcare management was the driving force behind the formation of Advanced Medical Management Solutions. Our healthcare management infrastructure focuses on radiology reimbursement, clean claims processing, and compliance.

Our Services

Physician Credentialing

Properly verified providers protect you from unwanted legal situations and ensure your practice is compliant with local and state laws.


Revenue Cycle Management

AMMS can begin processing new claims, work on outstanding & rejected claims, and identify significant opportunities to improve the overall RCM process.


IT Services

AMMS is committed to accurate and timely services, which is why our central operations team never shuts down and is open 24/7/365.

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