Physician Credentialing


– Credentialing for Healthcare Providers

Our physician credentialing team is dedicated to providing quick turnaround times and accurate submissions. If you are looking for assistance credentialing multiple providers or one physician, we are here to help. As a medical facility, it is your responsibility to verify each physician’s identity, education, work experience, malpractice history, sanctions, and licenses before they can provide medical services.

You are working with a dedicated credentialing coordinator who understands the physician credentialing process from start to finish when you hire Advanced Medical Management Solutions. Physician credentialing requirements vary from state to state, and specifications are updated frequently. State regulations, along with requirement updates can lead to mistakes and long wait periods with additional fees for credentialing if not properly submitted the first time. Properly verified providers protect you from unwanted legal situations and ensure your practice is compliant with local and state laws.

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