Revenue Cycle Management


– Revenue Cycle Management For Imaging Departments

The revenue cycle management (RCM) process can vary depending on how it was set up by previous management. We understand that each facility is unique and faces a unique set of problems specific to their RCM process. With many years of experience handling radiology billing services for hospital-based radiology groups as well as free-standing imaging centers, we can ensure your practice successful results. AMMS is aware of recent healthcare trends such as; shifts in payment responsibility and new payment requirements. Therefore, having a dedicated team of specialists processing claims for services rendered at your facility is the best way to ensure proper & timely payment.

AMMS can begin processing new claims, work on outstanding & rejected claims, and identify significant opportunities to improve the overall RCM process. Advanced Medical Management Solutions, LLC has a proven track record of successful charge capture, proper coding, claims submission, and follow-up to ensure appropriate payment. AMMS understands the needs of a small, medium, and large healthcare facility we have been through every stage in the last 32 years.

AMMS specializes in serving radiology practices & imaging centers; we understand this market and can quickly adapt to new laws and regulations. Receiving timely and uninterrupted payment for the services rendered at your facility is a critical factor in operating a successful practice.

Although AMMS can handle the entire Revenue Cycle Management process we can also assist with any of the following:

• Detailed claims and denial management
• Collections to increase cash flow
• Data scrubbing
• A dedicated team of Specialist

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